Original Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Organizations Combine to Form New Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation

New organization will focus on enabling Millennials to continue funding early research to find cures, and raise awareness about screening and treatment 

January 13, Chicago, IL … The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation and the Lynn Sage Foundation announced that the two organizations combined into one new entity, Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, on January 1, 2021.

The new organization will benefit from the legacies of the former organizations’ success, but aim to appeal to the next generation of donors to maximize funding and increase awareness about screening, treatments and eradicating breast cancer.

“For more than three decades, these two groundbreaking organizations honored the legacy of my mother and were pivotal in creating awareness and raising money for individual researchers studying breast cancer. It’s time to embrace future generations in our vision to eradicate this disease,” said Laura Sage, Lynn Sage’s daughter and founder of the Lynn Sage Foundation. “These two organizations are a powerhouse of combined strength, rooted in 35 years of success, passion and hard work. My family is humbled that my mother’s name will continue well into the future and contribute to this cause.”  

Both organizations funded progress in the field of breast cancer. Beyond raising a combined $40M over 35 years, the Lynn Sage Scholars program resulted in follow-on funding more than six times the initial investment. And, the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium—which celebrates its 23rd annual event this year—is a world-renown event for doctors to collaborate on cutting-edge approaches to treatment. 

“Funds raised by these two iconic Chicago organizations enabled support for early research that led to defining Tamoxifen, an important agent for the treatment of breast cancer now the standard of care in breast cancer treatment,” said Leonaidas Platanias, MD, of the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. “Given the priority the next generations have for giving back and achieving results, I am confident the new Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Foundation will continue to fund research that could lead to a cure for breast cancer.”  

The IL Department of Health estimates Chicago’s 2018 breast cancer screening rate was 82.8 percent, surpassing both the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Cancer Institute targets. “We believe that thirty-five years of raising awareness and funding research in Chicago has supported that achievement,” Ms. Sage continued.   

“My mother’s friend, Lynn Sage, left her daughters far too early,” said Meredith Soren Freese, co-chair of the newly combined Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation. “Our mission is to raise funds for research and education that will improve outcomes for individuals with breast cancer, so that no mother leaves a child behind too early because of this disease.”

The process of combining the organizations began in the spring of 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the determination to increase effectiveness by operating as one entity. While fundraising in the current pandemic environment is challenging, it is estimated that more than 300,000 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. Progress against this disease must continue, and safe screening and treatment cannot stop during this challenging time.  

About Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation  The Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation raises funds for research and medical education to prevent breast cancer and improve survivorship for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. Investments are directed locally within the Chicago area, but drive impact globally. For more information please visit us online at www.lynnsage.org

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