Mike’s Story

Honoring a mother’s legacy thirty years later

Sometimes it takes years to realize how to best harness our talents to serve the important causes in our lives. Mike Matura had one of those lightbulb moments a few years ago after coordinating a fundraiser through work.

“I spearheaded a concert to raise money for homeless veterans. It was a success, but also a lot of fun. With the 30th anniversary of my mother’s passing approaching, I realized that I could do something similar to raise money for breast cancer research in her honor.”

Mike’s mother, Noreen Matura, endured several recurrences of breast cancer during Mike’s childhood.  It eventually metastasized and Noreen passed away in 1987. Mike was only twenty.

“She was a tough, little 5’2” Irish lady. She never took anyone’s BS. She battled hard.”

Thirty years later, breast cancer death rates among women in the U.S. are still higher than those for any other cancer, besides lung cancer. Continued research is imperative to change this statistic and was an essential element of Mike honoring his mom.

“Doing something to help advance breast cancer research was really important to me. The fact that The Lynn Sage Foundation is based in Chicago is an even bigger bonus.”

Mike rallied Cycle Bar, TapHouse Grill, and two bands — Old Grand Dad and The Klaus Kinskis — for “Maturn-It-Up,” a two-part benefit for breast cancer research on July 15th.  Cycle Bar will host a class from 1-2pm at their Burr Ridge location and the party continues later that evening at the TapHouse Grill at 6010 S. Cass in Westmont at 6:30pm. All proceeds go to The Lynn Sage Foundation, supporting emerging researchers investigating novel approaches to the field of breast cancer.

Join Mike and The Lynn Sage Foundation this Saturday, July 15th, to Maturn-It-Up on the fight against breast cancer.  It’s going to be a party that Noreen would have loved!

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