Foursomes 4 Philanthropy

Hitting the Links for Charity & Community

Foursomes 4 Philanthropy (F4P), a charity golf event, began in an unlikely way. In the summer of 2008, Jon Center and Josh Lieberman, met on a Birthright trip to Israel. Both golf enthusiasts, they also shared a passion for giving back to society and their friendship solidified throughout the trip.

“We were determined to bring together our friends, family and colleagues in support of a good cause,” recalls Jon.  So upon returning, they did just that!

Since most of their friends were already golfing on the weekends, a golf tournament was the logical choice. Jon and Josh teamed up to host the first F4P in 2009. That first year, they started small. 32 people participated in a golf-only event netting $800 for the Cancer Wellness Center.

11 years later and almost $100,000 raised

Over a decade later, a lot has changed. Jon, the once avid golfer, now has a 19-month old, and weekend golf is much more challenging to schedule. As Josh moved on to other commitments, Jon solicited the help of longtime friend, Brian Lorber, and more recently, Ben Kantor.  Each has been instrumental in adding a fresh perspective and bringing ideas and enthusiasm year after year.

Thanks to Jon, Brian & Ben’s ongoing dedication and the loyal following of so many friends and family, the annual amount raised has steadily increased to $12,000.  Their cumulative donations are fast approaching $100,000, a milestone they look forward to surpassing!  Such fundraising success allows them to make a meaningful contribution to TWO deserving charities.

In 2019, The Lynn Sage Foundation is again a grateful beneficiary along with Resilience, supporting survivors of sexual violence. The organizers have all watched loved ones battle cancer. Sadly, not all have survived.  “Supporting cancer research is our way to help rid the world of this awful disease, ” Jon says.

While the beneficiaries, course and hosts have changed, the organizers are committed to keeping the event fun, and inviting. Players of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join.  “I love seeing all the golfers in their carts and staging area right before the pre-tournament announcement.  It reminds me we are doing exactly what I set out to accomplish so many years ago.”

However, if golf isn’t your favorite activity, Jon points out other ways to get involved. “We added a dinner-only option, so non-golfing friends and family could join the community.  With a significantly lower price than most other charity golf events, we are proud to keep the day accessible for all.”

F4P on Sunday, September 22nd

Help F4P achieve their goal of a sold-out event on Sunday, September 22. Bring your favorite foursome or find a new one at the event. F4P kicks off at 12:45 pm at White Deer Run Golf Course in Vernon Hills. Early bird tickets can be purchased online (thanks to the support of Resilience). Or reach out via email, if you’d like to contribute another way.

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