Thank you for considering Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation (LSCRF) as the beneficiary for funds raised from your organization. We are truly honored you are considering donating any proceeds from your event and are deeply grateful for your support. Because the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation is a 501c (3) not for profit organization, we rely on generous individuals and corporations to sponsor our events.

Resource Materials For Your Use:

  • If you would like usage of the LSCRF logo, please complete and return the Event Application for Third Party Event┬áto LSCRF Administration for permission at or fax to 312-926-0332
  • Please refer to the Branding Guidelines for useful information regarding verbiage about our organization that you may use if needed, and other frequently asked questions regarding your event.
  • In order to include LSCRF on any print materials, these materials must be pre-approved by LSCRF administration before distribution. Once granted permission, LSCRF can publish the information about your event on the Support our Third Party Fundraiser page.
  • Would you like complimentary LSCRF brochures to distribute at your event? Click here to make a request for brochures. Please indicate the address, quantity, and the date you will need them by.

Third Party Application Branding Guidelines

Thank you for your generosity and good luck with your event!