When Linda Weinstein was first approached to serve as Chair of the Executive Board of the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, she said no. “This position is such a huge undertaking not only because of the dollars involved but because of the extent of the outreach that is required – it is not a small commitment,” she said.

But as a volunteer with LSCRF and a number of other groups and organizations, she began to reconsider the opportunity. “Ultimately, I realized how exciting this time is for Lynn Sage. We are in our new space at Northwestern Prentice Women’s Hospital. We are reaching out to a younger audience with this issue. We have a great opportunity to raise awareness of breast cancer and early detection to even higher levels. We can make a difference in so many lives with our actions that I decided that the time was right for me to take on this challenge and that I had the energy and dedication to do it.”

A graduate of Randolph-Macon Women’s College (B.A. Politics and English), Mrs. Weinstein earned her law degree at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. But today, her resume highlights her extensive volunteer activity and skills in new areas. “Extensive experience in carpooling, scheduling, juggling, Bluetooth technology,” it reads.

Describing herself as the “eternal optimist”, Mrs. Weinstein has been involved with LSCRF for four years and believes that the organization’s efforts help people live better. “From what I’ve seen and learned about breast cancer, women can and do get through this disease. We have accomplished so much in terms of early detection; awareness and research, that knowing these things can help women continue to fight. Our work helps give people the spirit to look at the glass as half full,” she said.

Like many LSCRF volunteers, Mrs. Weinstein has had first-hand experience with breast cancer – her mother is a survivor as is her brother. “Many people do not know that about 4,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and we can help to create awareness among men as well as women. Like many people, I’ve found that when breast cancer gets closer to you, you get more personally invested in the fight than you ever could have imagined.”

Volunteer Experience

2004 – Present Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation
2000 – Present Chicago Women’s District Golf Association (CWDGA)
2002 – Present United States Golf Association (USGA) Volunteer
2003 – Present USGA Regional Affairs Committee
2002 – Present Glenbrook North High School (including the parent committee, booster club and grad night lock-down)
1987 – Present Twin Orchard Country Club (numerous committees)
1997 – 2001 National Lekotek Center (various fundraising committees)
1997 – 2003 Illinois High School Women’s Lacrosse Association (former president of the board and other committees)