Hollis Hanover

Hollis Hanover

Hollis is honored to serve as Chair for the 2018-2019 term. From a young age, she understood how breast cancer affects patients and those who love them, having witnessed the battles fought by her grandmother and her great aunt. Recognizing LSCRF as the top breast cancer research-focused charity in Chicago, Hollis enthusiastically joined the Board in 2012. She has served on numerous event committees, the Grants and Governance Committees, as well as the Executive Committee (where she sought to make new members feel welcome, and donors feel appreciated).

Professionally, Hollis practiced law for many years, both in private practice and local government. She now enjoys her full-time role as Associate Director of Career Services and Director of Employer Relations at an area law school, where she assists law students with their career search strategies and professional development skills.

Never one to sit on the sidelines, Hollis has been actively involved with multiple Chicago nonprofit organizations in addition to LSCRF. She has served on the Executive Committee of the Latin School of Chicago Parent Association, the Auxiliary Board of Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Auxiliary Board of the Lyric Opera Chicago. As passionate supporters of the City of Chicago, Hollis and her husband, and their two children, strive to make better the City and its civic institutions.

Hollis’s motivation for serving as Chair of LSCRF is deeply rooted in her love and admiration for two women who lost their lives from breast cancer in 2016. Both women were vibrant and incredibly smart professionals, one a judge; the other a physician. Each is now mourned by a loving husband and a young daughter. Their loss, just like that of Lynn Sage so many years ago, as well as countless others who have been afflicted, spurs the nonstop fight to cure breast cancer.

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